Friday, October 03, 2008

Making Waves, Autumn 2008 issue preview

Here's a sample of what's on tap in the next edition of Making Waves magazine ...

Et si la crise alimentaire profitait aux paysans africains?
Hyperinflated food prices may be just the opportunity West African countries need to rebuild their neglected agricultural sectors. For that to happen, producer organizations have to educate policy-makers and urban consumers about the linkage between family farms, food sovereignty, and an affordable (though not cheap) food supply. Lisez-le maintenant.

Good & Scary
Some analysts of Peak Oil and climate change go out of their way to inspire terror and guilt. Some good that does. In The Transition Handbook: from oil dependency to local resilience, Rob Hopkins spurs his readers to imagine compelling, alternative ways of life. Read about it now.

"Winging It" Is Not Enough
There are social entrepreneurs out there with the street smarts and chutzpah to make an enterprise - any enterpise - go. To satisfy the leadership needs of a growing sector, however, we require systematic, comprehensive training specific to the needs of social enterprise.

Many retail consumers make it a habit to blend social, environmental, and economic criteria with issues of price and quality in their purchasing decisions. Here's ways for corporate, public, and nonprofit actors to follow that lead.

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