Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12-18 is National Co-op Week in Canada

National Co-op Week will be celebrated in Canada next week (October 12 - 18). Ontario's 1300 co-operatives and credit unions, and Canada's 13 million co-op and credit union members are part of a global movement that is 800 million members strong. International credit union day will be celebrated Thursday October 16. Many individual co-operatives and credit unions will be hosting events in their branches all week long.

In the face of globalization, concentration of ownership, and advancing technology, co-operatives and credit unions have two significant advantages over their investor-owned competitors. First, unlike the private, public or voluntary sectors, they are guided by internationally shared values and principles designed to ensure fairness and equity. And second, they are controlled by their members - members who can say of their co-op or credit union: It Belongs to Me!

National Co-op Week is always a busy time in the co-operative sector. It is a time to celebrate and promote the role, accomplishments and contributions of our co-ops and credit unions. Co-op week events help raise the visibility of the co-op business model, and improve understanding and awareness of co-operatives.

The National Co-op Week brochure may be downloaded from the On Co-op website

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