Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Social Entrepreneurship Course Announcement


Harvard Extension School: 23070
Location: Sever Hall 214
Meeting Time: Tuesday 7:35-9:35 pm, 27 January through 19 May 2009

If willing and motivated, virtually anyone, in any sector, can be a social entrepreneur. Yet most of the best examples to date had no formal training in social entrepreneurship because such training was not available. This course addresses five crucial elements that may better orient and equip the prospective social entrepreneur. It provides a conceptual framework for understanding social entrepreneurship in the context of changing social arrangements; a vocabulary for thinking and communicating about social values in concrete terms; seven practical tools to launch, lead, and manage a social venture that succeeds financially, without a cost to social justice; specific funding sources for the venture; and an idea foundry to test and forge specific concepts for social entrepreneurship before taking the plunge.

Download the syllabus:

From the course instructor:

If you are serious about social change, I strongly encourage you and/or one or more of your colleagues to attend the following course. Here’s why:

1. Having the opportunity to reflect on theoretical and practical approaches to social change may actually improve one’s performance in identifying and selecting courses of action, ultimately leading to greater effectiveness.

2. This course is designed to address how to be socially entrepreneurial in seven different models of social change strategy, including charity, the market, education, public policy, grassroots activity, social movements, and philanthropic funding.

3. We will be working in teams to examine and document specific ways that social entrepreneurship is being applied in organizations in each of the seven models of social change, an opportunity that will not only open your eyes to how things are getting done by others, but will give you the chance to share your ideas for how things can work even better.

It’s going to be fun, intense, and productive. But the course is strictly limited to only 40 students. Sign up now: or call 617- 495-4024.

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