Friday, June 22, 2007

Common Ground Co-operative Appeal for Board Members and Staff

Common Ground Co-operative, Toronto, Ontario is seeking volunteer board members who are successful innovators and who have a wide range of community contacts. We place high value on skills and experience in small business development, social enterprise and fundraising. We also are on the lookout for candidates, with similar assets to these, for a paid full-time Executive Director position in the near future. Prospective board members should have a good understanding of board governance, especially with regard to co-operatives.

Common Ground is a non-profit charitable organization that supports four thriving social enterprises, organized as food sector business partnerships among people with intellectual challenges in Toronto. This unique model of employment, established over the past decade, engages more than fifty people with challenges as long-term business partners, income earners, and registered owners and operators of a food catering company called Lemon & Allspice Cookery and three snack bars, known as the Coffee Sheds. They are assisted by job coaches who are paid by the Co-op. Our website is

Why Common Ground makes this special appeal
Common Ground has been the grateful recipient over the past nine years of extensive in-kind and volunteer support of community agencies, and people associated with them, who have traditionally provided programmes to people with intellectual challenges. Staff and families who have been associated with the agencies testify to the value of what Common Ground is doing. We are now seeking to diversify our eleven-person board by adding people from other sectors of the community who have strong ties to the co-operative and social economy movements and want to help ensure that marginalized groups have access to the new approaches to employment that are being developed.

It is crucial that we seek out and find people who are familiar with the world of small business, and social enterprise and the kind of empowerment that comes to any group when they are given the opportunity to make decisions and have some control over their workplaces and their lives. New perspectives are especially important in light of Common Ground’s plans to expand its work through replication of this alternative model of employment.

Contact Carolyn Lemon at if you, or someone you know, finds our Co-op’s future development an attractive prospect.

Circulation of this announcement within the groups and organizations that you represent will be appreciated.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pending reform of the Ontario Corporations Act regarding non-profits

The Ministry of Government Services is undertaking a project to review and reform the Ontario Corporations Act (CA). The purpose of the project is to develop a new legal framework to govern the structure and activities of charities and not-for-profit corporations. Comments are requested by July 31, 2007, on broad issues relating to new not-for-profit legislation, including the following:

* Structure of a new not-for-profit Act
* Incorporation process
* Definition of not-for-profit corporation
* Classification system
* Corporate powers and capacity
* Other issues: directors' liability, financial disclosure, members' remedies.

To access a PDF version of the consultation document and for more information, see

April Social Economy HUB Tele-learning Session: Policies in Québec and Manitoba

How has Community Economic Development (CED) policy evolved into a larger social economy agenda? How could it evolve in the future? To explore the answers to these questions and more, join John Loxley, from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, and Shauna MacKinnon from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, in this exciting telelearning session. To download the entire telelearning session, see

Eighth International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) and Second EMES European Research Network Conference

Conference Title: The Third Sector and Sustainable Social Change: New Frontiers for Research
Date: July 9-12, 2008
Deadline for the submission of abstracts for papers: October 15, 2007
Location: University of Barcelona, Spain
Type of Participants: Social economy researchers and practitioners
More information:

CreateAction CED Work Experience Program

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) is recruiting candidates for four internships through its highly successful CreateAction Work Experience Program. CreateAction is the only pan-Canadian internship program that enables young post-graduates to gain community economic development experience in their own communities. Persons living with a disability and Aboriginal people are encouraged to apply.

To view the job postings click here.