Friday, September 28, 2007

7th annual Co-op Conference and Gala now spans two days - October 16 and 17, 2007

Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington ON

October 16-17, 2007

The 7th annual Co-op Conference and Gala now spans two days - October 16 and 17. At 9am, October 17th, join Kathy Bardswick, CEO of The Co-operators as she discusses sustainability, innovation and the co-op principles. Following a networking break, participants may choose from one of five workshops: M1 - How can your co-op do a social audit; M2 - Co-op leadership in Canada; M3 - Co-operation and innovation at the regional level; M4 - How are co-ops adapting to change?; and M5 - the Funders Forum, an invitation-only session for organizations with an interest in funding and financing CED and co-op development.

After lunch, participants will attend an interactive plenary session, and then choose from five additional workshops. A cocktail reception and the Spirit Recognition Awards ceremony completes the day. This is the third year the conference will be held at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington ON. A tour of some of the region's most interesting co-ops; and four professional development sessions, presented by CUSOURCE Knowledge Network, take place October 16. All activities support the conference theme of 'Building Up, Moving Forward.' Learn more about the conference, and register online at Sessions are quickly filling up.

Deadline to register is October 10, 2007.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Community Development Society (CDS) Annual International Conference, June 22-25, 2008 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Theme: Conversation, Collaboration and Democracy: Creative Community Engagement

The annual CDS conference provides an opportunity for students,
practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to share experiences,
expertise, and/or research findings on strategies to improve the
process and practice of community development. The Program Planning
Committee will accept Abstracts for proposed presentations for the
2008 Conference. Researchers, academics, and policy makers are
strongly encouraged to partner with practitioners on the submission
of abstracts and presentation of sessions.

The "Call for Papers" is available from

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts is October 31, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Student Workshop on the Social Economy

In Association with the 1st International CIRIEC Research Conference on the Social Economy

Victoria, British Columbia – A pre-conference student Workshop on the Social Economy (SE) is scheduled to take place at the University of Victoria on Monday, October 22, 2007. This Workshop is open to any student (graduate or undergraduate) interested in the Social Economy. The Workshop will be a fun, interactive, student-led event, based around several “themed” presentations designed to enhance students’ research skills and expose them to methodologies for conducting Social Economy-based research. It will also facilitate information-sharing, networking and community-building through the use of breakout sessions and informal round-table dialogue and discussion. The Workshop offers participants a chance to get to know other students working in the SE field and to connect to one another by joining the Social Economy Student Network. [ ]

The Workshop builds upon the networks and linkages which were established among the participants of the Student Community-Based Research Workshop held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on May 28, 2007.

The Workshop is free to those students who are registered for the CIRIEC conference and a small $25 fee will be administered to non-registered students to help cover costs associated with holding the Workshop. Food and refreshments for the day will be served to participants at no cost.

For more information and to register for the Workshop please visit:

For conference information visit:

Janel Smith, Social Economy Student Network and Workshop Coordinator
Canadian Social Economy Hub
Fax (250) 472-4541