Monday, May 25, 2009

Causeway Employment Opportunity (Social Finance)

Causeway is hiring a full time, 2 year contract position with a particular focus on building a social finance marketplace in Ontario. More information can be found here.

Causeway is a project of Social Innovation Generation (SiG) National, hosted at SiG@MaRS in Toronto

Who we are

Causeway is a national collaboration working to accelerate a social finance marketplace in Canada
This Initiative is being founded with the values of:
• Focusing on measurable, durable, scaling contributions;
• Building on the wisdom and m! omentum of the pioneering Canadian Social Finance Community; and,
• Serving the community from a comprehensive community interest perspective.

Job Description – Associate Coordinator - Causeway

24 month contract position, with Causeway Social Finance

Details of the position

• Full time contract position until September 2011
• Compensation type: salary
• Amount: Commensurate with experience. Range $41,000-$51,000 inclusive of MERC (mandatory
employment related costs)
• Applications due June 1st, 2009.