Friday, June 02, 2006

Natural City 2006 workshop: Sustainable Banking

Natural City Workshops - Friday, June 2, 2006

Banks and the Community - Helping Our Cities Be Sustainable: Are Banks Doing Enough?
Presented by Innovest Strategic Value Advisors

Bahen Centre for Information Technology, Room 1200
40 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario

Workshop Summary
Banks today have the potential to be more than just large, impersonal financial institutions. They have the potential to be real partners in the communities in which they operate by helping create livable areas that are safe, healthy and environmentally sound, with good access to education and possibilities for an active lifestyle .. In other words, sustainable cities. How are banks responding to this challenge? How do people perceive the banking community? Is there more Canadian banks could be doing to promote sustainable cities?

This panel workshop will focus on sustainability within the banking industry and the role banks can play in facilitating the development and movement towards sustainable cities. The workshop will feature an introductory overview of the key sustainability risks confronting the banking industry and drivers of these risks and opportunities, such as changes stemming from new environmental regulations and legislation. This will be followed by various presentations exploring new programs and initiatives in the industry, for instance how banks are collaborating with various groups and organisations to invest in urban revitalization, community development, and environmental risk mitigation while taking advantage of 'green' opportunities through various programs and initiatives, such as preferential rates and financing for green businesses and initiatives.


  1. Amy Hall, Banking Analyst, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors
  2. Ron Dembo, Founder and CEO of Zerofootprint
  3. David Wheeler, Director, Business and Sustainability Program. Erivan K. Haub Chair in Business and Sustainability, Schulich School of Business, York University.
  4. Nelson Switzer, Senior Manager, Environmental Risk Management, RBC
  5. Representative from CIBC - Speaker to be confirmed

Banks and the Community - Helping Our Cities Be Sustainable: Are Banks Doing Enough? is presented by the Natural City 2006 with support from the following sponsor:

Workshop Registration
(Includes 1/2 day workshop and Networking lunch)
General Fee:
$175.00 CDN
$50.00 CDN

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