Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The three-week program Co-op Studies program in Vancouver and Bologna

Bologna Summer Program for Co-operative Studies, 2007
June 25 - July 29 – SFU, Vancouver Sessions
July 2 - July 13 – University of Bologna, Italy

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are very pleased to inform you of the upcoming Bologna Summer Program for Co-operative Studies for 2007, and we invite you to explore this unique opportunity to pursue advanced level co-op studies in one of the world's most elegant cities. Bologna, world renowned for its exquisite cuisine and quality of life, is also at the heart of one of the world's most advanced co-operative economies.

The Bologna Summer Program for Co-operative Studies for 2007 gathers together outstanding scholars and leaders in the co-operative movements of both Italy and Canada to deliver a unique blend of co-operative theory and practical experience to program participants.

The program will offer graduate level instruction and, although will not require an undergraduate degree for admission, will be geared to those with substantial professional experience in the co-operative or community economic development fields.
The Bologna Summer Program offers both credit and certificate streams, and will combine co-operative studies with site visits and a study tour of the region's co-operative economy. It is also intended for students of co-op and CED studies who are prepared to work at advanced levels of study.

For additional information visit or contact Michael Zelmer at the BC Co-op Association 604.662.3906.

The Bologna Summer Program for Co-operative Studies is jointly sponsored by the BC Co-operative Association, Vancity, and the Faculty of Economics, University of Bologna

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