Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Co-Operative Internship Experience Program (CIEP) Looking for Host Organizations

This is the fifth year of On Co-op's Co-operative Internship Experience Program (CIEP).  Phase I is progressing, with a diverse list of co-op organizations about to play "host" to 15 interns.  Job titles include:  Community Development Intern; Administrative Assistant; Anniversary Planning Co-ordinator; Co-operative Development Intern; Membership and Volunteer Intern; Member Education and Programs Intern; Database Support Co-ordinator and Public Relations Co-ordinator.

The 26-week program provides Interns with real-world “co-operative” job experience at a decent wage, at a cost of just 8 weeks’ wages (less than $3000) to the host organization.  To qualify, interns must be 30 years old or younger, Canadian citizens or legally entitled to work in Canada, and have completed a post-secondary program at a college or university. 

Phase II of the program begins in April 2008. If your organization is interested in hosting one or more Interns for the next 26-week phase, contact the Internship and Public Affairs Co-ordinator, Audrey Aczel-Castillo at: 1.888.745-5521 x24 or acastillo@ontario.coop.

More information is available at: www.ontario.coop/Interns.

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