Monday, January 14, 2008

Community-University Exposition (CUexpo) - May 4-7, 2008

We would first like to acknowledge that we will be meeting on the traditional territory of the Coast Salish First Nations.

Bringing the resources, dreams, assets and issues of our communities and our post-secondary institutions together is a movement that is building across Canada. We would like to most cordially invite you to participate in the third national CUexpo, the Community-University Exposition 2008 (CUexpo 2008)

Goals of CUexpo 2008

* celebrate and create opportunities for new community-university partnerships;
* support research that is collaborative and community-based and leads to positive change;
* create a space for policy-makers and university and community representatives to take action on research, resource-sharing and research ethics;
* provide opportunities for networking across Canada and world-wide.

Themes for CUexpo 2008

* community-university engagement, partnerships and ethics
* climate change and sustainable community green economic development
* life-long learning, popular education and community / green mapping
* environmental and social justice
* Youth engagement, food security
* Community and green economic development
* Aboriginal perspectives and cultural diversity
* women, poverty and social inclusion
* Homelessness, housing, health promotion and well-being

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